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Pictures of fish taken for Paul's Fishing Kites Photo Competition - Most are taken on Digital cameras

Find out how to enter your pictures of fish in this contest here

See the bottom of the page for tips on taking a winning photo

Newcomers to the site will notice the entries are pictures of salt water fish, this is because in New Zealand kite fishing is currently used for saltwater fishing only.

Dont forget to your digital camera next time you go fishing. Photos on the beach are best and digital cameras are just so convienient

Click on the name or the fish picture for the complete catch report and bigger photo.


Mal Riley


Mal Riley

Big Snapper

Chris Bell

fish pictures

Geoff Preston

two snapper

Peter Berry

saltwater fish pictures

Barbara Johnstone


Murray Kinred

fish picture

Harry Job


Rodger Gardner


Paul Major

pictures of salt water fish

Paul Major


Rodger Gardner

Mark Honing

Jamie Cullen


Jim Edwards

Tim Williams


Paul Major

Paul Major

 Hammerhead shark

Carl Dukes

Robbie Cullen

David Billings

Paul Major


Geoff Preston

Bernadette Pothan

Paul Morris

Allan Parish

Michael Crafar

Jacob Hughes

School Shark

Paul Major

Paul Major

Geoff Preston

Terry Galuszka

Craig Landon

Paul Major

Bodo Luckfiel

Colin Trigg

Colin Trigg

Colin Trigg

Paul Major

Maeve King

Karen Fong

Geoff Preston

Francis Sewac

Noel Watson

Wayne Moham

Denver Diedericks

Kevin Griffiths

Dave Billings


Roger Martin


Robbie Cullen

Robbie Cullen

Robbie Cullen

Paul Major



Tony Talbot

Kevin Griffiths

 Fishing Winch

Kevin Griffiths

Barbara Johnstone

Which Digital Camera Is Best

With so many brands of digital cameras we have decided to do some digital camera reviews to help determine the best digital camera for your budget and photographic expertise. Let us know the brand and model of your camera when you send in your reports and we will include that information in the newsletter. If you include a digital camera review this would be really helpful for those thinking about buying one.

Pictures of Fish - Digital Camera Photography and Reviews

With OVER $4000.00 IN PRIZES AND REWARDS UP FOR GRABS for your pictures of salt water fish, it pays to take care when the opportunity arises for snapping a winning fish picture.

The following points have been made by the judges of previous contests , if heeded they will vastly improve your chances of winning a prize.

  1. The fish should be the main subject or point of focus in the picture, lower the camera so the lens is at the same height as the fish or as near as possible to it. A good example of this technique is the picture of the young chap with a snapper in this newsletter or the series of fish photos taken at Muriwai Beach The pic of Bodo is one of my favourites, the camera was almost on the beach.
  2. Have the sun behind you to avoid harsh shadows spoiling the features of the fisherman or the fish. In bright sunlight a fill in flash is best used to minimise harsh shadows in the picture
  3. Have the angler remove their hat and sunglasses.
  4. Move to an unspoilt area of beach to avoid vehicles, bait buckets and chilly bins, car tracks or footprints etc confusing the background. A little action such as a kite flying or the angler walking can really improve a fish picture, two good examples of fish pictures with action here.
  5. There is no limit on how many pictures of fish you enter in the competition. Take more than one picture, the lay of the fish and position of the angler should be changed, try different things and reduce the chance of the angler blinking an spoiling the shot.
  6. If you have a digital camera make sure you use high resolution. The Fishing News magazine will not use pictures of fish with resolutions below 1 megabyte on their cover, so don't needlessly reduce the potential for your picture to earn good money by skimping on resolution. Simply use a high setting and delete photos which don't measure up.
  7. Taking saltwater fish pictures, particularly when on boats can leave salt on the camera lens and spoil the clarity of the pic. Always leave the lens cap on when the camera is not in use and clean the lens occasionally by following the camera manufacturers recommendations.
  8. Experiment with the settings on your digital camera if it is not a simple point and shoot camera. For example my Fugi Finepix camera takes better pics, with richer colours, when I have it set to cloudy on a sunny day.

More pictures of saltwater fish only here

How to tie rigs and tackle for saltwater fish here

While it helps, pictures of big fish don't always win this contest. If you have kite fishing pictures that look good send them in send them in, you may just win a prize.


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Buy Online
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