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Kite Rigs and Boat Longlines Kite Parts and Flounder Lights
Kites - Kite Designs for Fishing

The different kite designs featured below are all purpose built for fishing.

We have several kinds of kites in many sizes, each type is suited for different conditions, fishing methods or kite line breaking strain.

In general, delta kite designs are best for tacking off the wind, while the framed sled kite design results in the best low wind kites.

Even though the soft pocket sleds have a more limited wind range, they are an ideal introduction to kite fishing.

Our pocket sleds operate from any rod spooled with 8 to 15kg line.

Super Kite Delta   Nighthawk Delta Kite

A deltawing kite capable of handling gale force winds. Very stable single line kites. Construction on this kite is heavier than our other deltas.

delta kite

These single line delta kites are the most popular for big fishing rigs. Huge wind range combined with a good towing capability for delta kite

Delta Kite-Super Delta Kite-Nighthawk
Skyhook Kite Sail   Large Pocket Sled Kite
These types of kite sail improve the pull from the main kite and increase the tacking range of the rig kite sail

These soft kites are like a parafoil kite but the pocket kite is cheaper. An ideal beginners kite for moderate winds.

sled kite
Skyhook - Kite Sail Large Pocket Sled
Small Pocket Sled Kite   2 Pocket Sled Kite Pack

A smaller pocket kite for stronger winds. best flown on 8 to 10 kg kite line


soft kites Two pocket sled kites. Use the smaller of the pocket kites in fresh breezes and the big one in light to moderate winds sled kites
Small Pocket Sled Two Pack Sled Kites
Mega Mouth 3 Keel   Power Chute 3 Keel

These huge three celled power chute kite for light to moderate winds are our largest kites. Will provide huge pull in very light winds.

red kite picture

A smaller three celled power chute kite.

These high power kites provide excellent pull in light winds.

Big Power Kites Medium Power Kite
Flexiwing Kite   Flexiwing Skyhook

Another flying wing kite Rubber bands keep this delta kite flying at a constant pull. Great for using off big fishing rods spooled with 24kg line

Add a skyhook sail kite under your flexiwing for more pull and a greater tacking angle when the winds are not directly offshore
Flexiwing Kite Flexiwing Sail Kite
Kite Parts   Kite Lines - Accessories

Need to do a kite repair? Carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes, kite spars, sailrepair tape.

Kite Parts

Kite line, kite floats and spare drogues.

Always use the correct breaking strain kite line for your kite.

Kite Parts Kite lines Flags etc.
Kite Supplies and Video

Kite accessories, floats, drogue.

Kite Fishing Video Encyclopedia available here

Kite Supplies



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Buy Online
Buy Online
Kite Rigs and Boat Longlines Kite Parts and Flounder Lights



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