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Buy Online
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Free Online Advice From Real Fishing Experts

Becoming one of the twenty percent of fishers who catch eighty percent of the fish isn't hard. It's simply a matter of having the right fishing tackle for the area and the species you are likely to encounter.

But, ask any charter skipper about the tackle boxes he has seen brimming with expensive, but useless, fishing tackle - stuff designed to catch fishermen instead of fish. Or ask him about the number of unbalanced or inadequate rod and reel combos that clients bring. You will be staggered to learn how much useless stuff fishermen actually buy!

It is not just charter boat clients missing out. If the bottom eighty per cent of fishermen used the correct tackle they would all be successful fishermen.

The cause so many fishers have the wrong gear is they just don't have access to sound advice when buying fishing tackle. All too often the fisherman walks out of the store - after spending twice as much as he needed to - and with a pile of expensive gear that just doesn't work on the fish he wants to catch.

So, if you want to catch fish, if you're looking for free, friendly, expert advice on the best fishing tackle or fishing rig for a certain species, or you just want a great deal on fishing tackle, rods and reels, you have come to the right place!

You can get free online advice and quotes simply by filling in a few details below.

At Paul's Fishing Kites we have four fishing experts on hand covering a vast range of fishing methods and techniques.

We also carry a comprehensive range of conventional fishing tackle as well as an astounding range of kite fishing rigs and boat and kayak longlines.

If you are after advice use the following form, it is designed to help us to deliver the best advice in the most efficient manner.

This is not an automated process, real experts will actually respond, so please consider the questions carefully before submitting.

Rob, Morgan, Peggy or Paul from Paul's Fishing Kites will read the form and get back to you ASAP by phone or email with their advice, tailored to your requirements and, of course, our best prices.

You will receive a free no obligation quote on the best gear and techniques to target the fish you seek - you have nothing to lose but the few seconds it take to fill out the form below.

The Paul's Fishing Kites Team

Far Left : Peggy Barnes handles all kite, longline and spectra orders and enquiries from outside of New Zealand.

Peggy offers advice on the best rigs or tackle to use in your country, wholesale/retail prices and shipping costs.

Left : Paul develops and tests all new products and advises on tricky technical issues and fishing conditions and keeps this website running.

If you already know which specific products you require a quote for, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the details and click submit.

If you would like us to suggest several options for the best fishing system, balanced rod and reel combos or terminal tackle for your preferred species please use the section below.
Get Our Expert Advice Free Here
To ensure we give the best advice possible we need to know which species of fish you intend to target with this fishing tackle. Tick as many as applicable. The more you tell us about your fishing, the better we can help you!

Inshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing

Blue Cod
John Dory

Live Baits
Other Inshore

Other Deep Sea

Yellowfin Tuna
Bluefin Tuna
Other Gamefish

The most important part of a good days fishing for me is?

Choose one or two only from below.

A limit bag of legal sized fish
Catching really big fish
The day out, any fish are a bonus

Enough fish for a meal or two
The thrill of catch and release
Catching the species I target

How many days per year do you intend to fish?

Select number of days from this list

What type of fishing do you plan to do?

Select as many of few as you wish from checkboxes below

Rock and Wharf Fishing
Kite Fishing
Electric Kontiki Fishing
Other Kontiki Fishing
Kayak fishing
Small Boat Fishing
Large Boat Fishing
Inshore Charter Boat
Offshore Charter Boat
Set Netting

What do you look for most in your rods, reels and fishing tackle?

Tick the check box below which is beside the most important factor to you.

Top quality that will last
Quality and price, with more empasis on quality
Quality and price, with more empasis on price

Budget Fishing Tackle

If you are working to a specific budget that you think we should know about simply select an option from the suggested budget list below. Otherwise we will use the information above to assess the best tackle to fit the styles you prefer to fish and the species of fish you target.

Fishing Information and Hot Spots

Would you like to recieve our Newsletter which include catch reports and fishing tips from around the country. Check for Yes

Which Tackle Brands If Any Do you Prefer

Do you have a preference for any particular brand or brands of fishing tackle or any comments you wish to add. If you leave this empty we will suggest the most appropriate brands based on the rest of the information you have provided.

Know Exactly What You Want - Need A Price?

You only need to use this comments box if you want a quote for specific items of fishing tackle, simply type in the exact products and models of any fishing gear rods, reels or tackle you wish us to quote for. If you already have a quote let us know what it is and we will do our best to beat it!

Fishing Area
Day Phone Number
Email Address

Morgan or Paul from Pauls Fishing Kites will get back to you ASAP

Note : The entire range of fishing tackle at Paul's Fishing Kites including fishing rods and reels, can be shipped anywhere in New Zealand for the cost of a courier ticket.

We also send kite fishing gear, boat longline components, spectra and small tackle items worldwide.

However, because of high shipping costs on items over one metre in length, or heavy items, overseas customers are advised to purchase their rods and reels locally.



We are here to help. If you need assistance or search our websites.
Buy Online
Buy Online
Kite Rigs and Boat Longlines Kite Parts and Flounder Lights

Kites Only
Large Kite Rigs
Med Kite Kit
Small Kite Rigs
Kite Longlines
Boat Longlines
Kite Parts

Flounder Light
Kontiki Stuff
Mainlines etc
Beach Reels
Spectra Lines
Online Store


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Above: Morgan Barnes with a decent sized snapper from a Whangarei longline set that caught 21 good sized fish from 25 hooks set!

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