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Kite Fishing - Fishing Knots and Fishing Rigs

Great White Shark Attacks Kayak A survivor tells a chilling tale of what happens when things go really badly.

New Kite Section All our kite designs are now in one place with kite spares, carbon and fiberglass rods and kite lines.

New Tide Charts Easy to use map for tide times anywhere in New Zealand, includes Muriwai Beach.


New Winch

A robust and powerful 230 watt kite and kontiki winch that can handle heavy duty fishing
Fishing Winch


Don't risk your kontiki to sharks. Use a Shorething trailer behind your kontiki to turn it into a dropper rig

ShoreThing Kontiki


Shark Attack

An incredible tale of kayak fisher harassed by a great white shark
Great White Shark Attacks Kayak

Cleaning Fish

A great photo series from catching to cleaning, filleting skinning and de boning fish.

How to Fillet Fish

Filleting Fish

Kite Fishing

See what you can catch when your line is out to where the fish are. Find out all about kite angling and fishing kites

surf fishing rigs


Top quality spectra at unbelievably low prices plus a Spectra knot tying article

fishing knots and rigs

Big Kingfish

Kings of Coromandel and top article on how to catch big kingfish with livebaits

Targeting Kingfish


Last Fishing Trip

Check out where we went and see what we caught on our last free fishing trip. More importantly find out how we did it.

Fishing Catching

Target Hooks

Catch more snapper and fewer undersized fish! Stop gut hooking! The best fish hook for the fisherman and the fishery!

saltwater fishing

NZ Weather Map

New Zealand weather forecast and swell information. Forecasts for 44 coastal areas.

NZ Weather Forecast

coastal weather forecast map


We are adding a shark section to the site, the first article has just been posted. Kite caught.

Great White Sharks

Boat Fishing Rigs

Check out some of the latest saltwater rigs. Find out why these snapper fishing rigs are so effective

saltwater rigs

Fishing Knots

Learn how to tie knots and check out some of the latest knots. Excellent 3D knot tying illustration

fishing knots

Electric Kontiki

NEW! The PT-430 Powertiki Electric Kontiki now has three batteries for more power and longer running times. Winch Available.

electric kontiki

Beach Carts

A beach carts are a great fishing gift idea, sure to please any beach fisherman of surfcaster.

beach cart

Fishing Torpedo

Challenge Marine Fishing Torpedo. Massive battery capacity gives five 900 meter sets per charge.

fishing torpedo

Fishing off Cliffs

A land based kite fishing report, three mahi mahi in a single day from the top of a cliff. Mahi Mahi Report

mahi mahi

Fishing Reports

If you don't think kite fishing will work, check out the great kite catches taken by our customers!

fishing kite catch

New Trace Clip

New clip reduces tangles and shark bite offs

Buy longline clips online here

fishing clip

Pictures of Fish

Snapper, kahawai, kingfish, trevally, gurnard, sharks and many more!

Pictures of fish

Pictures of fish digital cameras

Flatfish Methods

Find out all about catching and cooking flounder, flounder lights, gigging spears and flatfish nets Flounder Fishing

Tangled Traces?

New Article on the cause and remedy of tangled traces.

Tangled Traces


Kite Fishing

Kite fishing is the ultimate in surf fishing equipment. We combine top of the line kites with the best surf fishing rigs.

Everything is here from surf fishing basics and tips right through to how to make your own saltwater rigs and tackle.


4X4 Offroad Driving

4WD beach driving and recovery tips and techniques. Find out if your insurance policy covers you while offroad, many don't! Offroad Driving Tips

4WD offroad driving

Fishing Knots

New fishing knots including hook knots, these fishing line knots are stronger and more reliable. If you don't know how to tie knots our knot tying tutorial each with a 3D knot tying illustration makes knot tying easy.

Saltwater Fishing Reports

Make sure you have the latest information on where the fish are biting right now, get the latest free fishing reports to find the best place to longline or kite and kon tiki fish this weekend.

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NEW Spectra Knot Simple to Tie and Stronger, RED HOT Prices on Spectra HERE


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Buy Online
Buy Online
Kite Rigs and Boat Longlines Kite Parts and Flounder Lights

Kites Only
Large Kite Rigs
Medium Kite Kit
Small Kite Rigs
Kite Longlines
Boat Longlines
Kite Parts

Flounder Light
Kontiki Stuff
Mainlines etc
Beach Reels
Spectra Lines
Online Store


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Above: Morgan Barnes with a decent sized snapper from a Whangarei longline set that caught 21 good sized fish from 25 hooks set!

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