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Kite Rigs and Boat Longlines Kite Parts and Flounder Lights


Three Watt 350 Lumens and Six Watt 700 Lumens Models Available Now.

Over the last year we have been working closely with a leading diving torch manufacturer to develop the best and brightest underwater fishing light possible at a price that is affordable.

The New 2014 Model is a vastly superior model to last years underwater torches. The bulbs are brighter, the lenses give a wider beam and the switches are now a magnetic ring switch. Underwater waterproofing in increased to 10 meters (30 feet)

The most important things about any spearing, gigging or fishing light is the brightness and spread of light.

Regardless of whether you are gigging flounder, frogs or other fish - jigging squid - netting prawns or shrimp or gathering crabs, more light equals more fish, and more spread equals a greater area of illumination.

You can cover a greater area faster and more thoroughly.

With these ultra bright fishing lights you will catch plenty as you will cover much more bottom area!

One flounder light on a telescopic handle

Price:NZD $118.00

More Info on 3 Watt Cree LED Flounder Lights

Each of the new flounder gigging lights has a 3 watt Cree LED bulb which emits a massive 350 lumens of light (*Lumens are the common measure of light emitted)
This is around FIVE TIMES BRIGHTER than the old one watt Krypton LED flounder lights we sell.

The old flounder light only produces 55 lumens of light output at a cost NZD$1.45 per lumen - and you had to keep buying batteries, the new lights give you much more bang for your buck.

The new flounder gigging lights are rechargeable, modular and are mounted on a telescopic handle. Best of all you get to choose how much light you want!

Two of the new lights can be mounted to the handle for a blinding total of 700 lumens of light output. This is 12 times brighter than the old flounder fishing lights!

All this extra light for less than half the cost per lumen. The bigger the light out you buy from us the cheaper it gets per lumen. And don't forget, it's a one off cost - the batteries are rechargeable!

two flounder lights

Price:NZD $199.00

More Info on 6 Watt LED Flounder Lights

Another huge advantage is these lights are Waterproof to 10 metres (30 feet) so they can be used for a wide range of night fishing and fish gigging applications or as a diving light in shallower areas.

Hanging the light underwater from your boat or favorite fishing pier and letting the light run continuously on either High or Low power will attract squid and a myriad of bait fish.

In no time the bigger predatory species you want to catch will turn up looking to for an easy meal.

Because of the diffuse light which illuminates a wide area - and the fact they are completely waterproof - means these lights are a great emergency light around wet or moist environments such as on a boat or when camping.

The strobe function can be used as a rescue or signal light, or dangled over the side for attracting squid when night fishing.

The new flounder gigging light is a highly versatile combination of the finest components and most efficient LED bulbs available. Performance is around 100 Lumens of light output per watt of electricity so you get much more light for every dollar spent.

The new flounder gigging light is vastly superior to all other underwater fishing light systems we have seen.

The output from the new torches is diffused through a special fisheye lens to give a broad area of even lighting for superior fish spotting performance under all fishing conditions. This is so much better for the fisher when compared to conventional torches and flounder lights that use reflectors which inevitably throw an uneven light with a hot spot in the middle and a confusing uneven area of light and shadow around the hotspot.

In addition to the brightness and quality of the light emitted another huge advantage of the new lights is they do not have to be submerged to operate - and there is no danger of cracking the lens if you put it in the water after running it out of the water.

When turned on these lights stay on!

This is quite different to many of the 12 volt flounder gigging lights on the market which get hot when run out of the water and the hot lenses sometimes crack with thermal shock when immersed.

More Flounder Info

for more information about our flounder lights.

Or just as frustrating - the other LED flounder lights with water sensor switches that have to be submerged to operate so cannot be used as a floodlight. When you turn the new light on it stays on in or out of the water!

The new torch units are completely self contained, compact and lightweight. There is no heavy 12 volt battery to carry!

Using The Flounder Gigging Light As An Underwater Fishing Light

For underwater use in clear water simply set the telescopic handle to a length that perfectly suits your height as you wade through the water with the light submerged in front of you.

Using The Flounder Gigging Light In Flood Light Mode

In shallower water less than 15cm (6 inches deep), or if the water is a bit murky, better illumination of the seabed is achieved by shining the light straight down from above the water. Simply extend the telescopic handle to it's maximum length of 1.2 metres (4ft).

Telescopic gigging light handle

Above: Just twist and pull the telescopic handle to change the length

This will allow you to easily hold the light up a metre or so above the water so that it shines directly down. Moving the light from side to side in this fashion will allow you to see the bottom - and any fish - clearly over a very wide arc of 10 metres for a single light unit right up to 15 metres with the two light option.

The even spread of light emitted from the powerful LED and lens combination is perfect for spotting fish regardless of whether the light is completely submerged or shone from above the surface.

In fact the quality of light output from the new fishing light is so good, we even use these torches as a light source for making fishing videos at night.

The new underwater fishing lights are supplied with the very highest quality Panasonic NCR 18650A 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-on) Batteries.

The torches take one battery and this gives a burn time of 4 hours on full power. Every purchase also has one Battery Charger included.

Everything You Could Possibly Want From a Fishing Light

  • Waterproof to 10 metres
  • Each LED unit emits 300 lumens of light
  • American made 3 watt cree LED light bulb
  • Fish eye lens distributes light evenly
  • Wide focus light for improved fish spotting over a larger area
  • Modular design - you choose how much light you want
  • Telescopic handle for perfect submerged or floodlight length
  • Produce up to 700 lumens of light from a single gigging light pole
  • Top quality rechargeable Panasonic NCR18650A Li-on batteries and charger
  • Three Light Settings Full power / Low Power / Strobe Light

Waterproof Flashlights and Tough Enough To Use Anywhere

  • Use for wading when gigging flounder either underwater or as a floodlight
  • Use for gigging on flounder boats either underwater or as a floodlight
  • Use underwater on a line for attracting squid to the area you are jigging
  • Use as a shallow diving torch
  • Use as a fishing light at night for attracting fish to the boat or wharf
  • Great for netting shrimp and prawns or crabbing and gigging frogs and other fish
  • Robust fully waterproof emergency torch for the boat or camping
  • Great work light with a wide beam for fixing breakdowns at night
  • Fantastic as a diffused video light source for your filming at night

Single Gigging Light on a Telescopic Handle

This is a top quality gigging light. The single light kit delivers four times the power of our old flounder gigging light. This robust flounder light is waterproof to 10 metres and can be used either submerged or above water without overheating.

Single diving torch waterproof to 10 metres on a flounder gigs handle

Online Purchase of the One Light Gigging System Includes:

  • One Waterproof 350 Lumen 3 watt Cree Underwater Torch
  • One Telescopic Handle
  • One Light Bracket and Attachment Bolt
  • Battery Charger for Li-on 3.7 Volt Battery
  • One Top Quality Panosonic NCR 18650A 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-on) Batteries

Watch Four Flounder Spearing Videos and Buy Online

Price : NZD $118.00

Two Gigging Lights on a Telescopic Handle

This is a top quality gigging light for the serious fish gigging enthusiast. The two light kit delivers eight times more light than our old flounder gigging lights. Waterproof to 10 metres and can be used either submerged or above water without overheating. Use one when the water is clear or both when it is murky, or you are in deeper water.

Two 3 watt cree waterproof torches for gigging fish and underwater lighting

Online Purchase of the Two Light Gigging System Includes:

  • Two Waterproof 350 Lumen 3 watt Cree Underwater Torches
  • One Telescopic Handle
  • Two Light Brackets and Attachment Bolts
  • Battery Charger for Li-on 3.7 Volt Battery
  • Two Top Quality Panosonic NCR 18650A 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-on) Batteries

Watch Four Flounder Spearing Videos and Buy Online

Price : NZD $199.00



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Buy Online
Buy Online
Kite Rigs and Boat Longlines Kite Parts and Flounder Lights



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