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Fishing Tips, Techniques and Articles

Fishing Stories, Fishing tips and Fishing techniques from the kite fishing community!

If you have an interesting technique, tip or something of interest to report, send it in.

If it's interesting we will feature your article here.

Don't forget, photos and diagrams are really interesting to our readers and are often the difference between an average article and one that readers will remember for a long time

Great White Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman

Does it really make any difference if the shark just wants to play, or is intent on tearing flesh from bone?This is a chilling tale that leaves this writer in awe of the sheer determination of the man who prevailed.

Great White Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman

Cleaning Fish

Find out how to fillet a fish. What is the best fish filleting tool. Fish facts, an important cleaning fish tool which extends the shelf life or your fish fillets. Fish care, how to look after your catch. Cooking ideas for fish heads and back bones. A fish cleaning table, do you need one?

How to Fillet Fish

How to Catch Kingfish - Tips and Techniques

Catching big New Zealand kingfish is all about techniques and finding the fish holding areas.

Milan Radonich, a very experienced livebait angler with many notable catches of big yellowtail kingfish gives an overview of the tackle required, techniques for catching and deployment of livebaits and good instructions on finding kingfish hot spots.

Stunning photos of huge kingfish.

More on How to Catch Kingfish

Yellowfin From the Shore

I catch few fish, but I have landed some impressive ones on kites including a 7kg gray snapper, a 24kg giant trevally, a 35kg yellowfin tuna and a 65kg yellowfin tuna.

Catching Yellowfin Tuna »»

Marginal Wind Article

Paul and I have been working on a variety of techniques for fishing those marginal light wind conditions........

Fishing in Marginal Winds »»

Light Wind Tips

In light winds you don't have to run up and down the beach with your kites to get them airborne. A more successful way of launching.......

Light Wind Tips »»

My 8 kg Pocket Sled Rig

My 8 kg Pocket Sled Rig

I've used every kitefishing system possible to date and although I've never caught more fish per set than with the Bottom Longline, or had faster setting speeds than with the two kite Dropper Rig, I have found the easiest to run system is my Pocket Sled Kite Rig on a little Penn Seaboy reel.

Read the full article here »»

Joe's Rig

It never ceases to amaze me the extent that some fishers will go in order to customise their gear to suit their personal requirements and the often awesome results that these fishers achieve during the process.

Read the full article here »»

Rollings Weights

Very few kite fishers consider ways of reducing drag on the gear and consequently the work the kite has to do. Streamlining your fishing tackle is not only considerably cheaper than buying a bigger or higher performance kite, it is often more effective.

Read the full article here »»

La Nina Delivers Feast and Famine

The most efficient method that combines top fishing efficiency, strength, durability and safety is to use the running clip system with either the correct sized round brass annealed crimps fitted to the mainline or a section of commercial fishermens pre-stoppered hook section fitted correctly into the mainline.

Read the full article here »»

Sharks Plague West Coast

The recent unprecedented plague of sharks has caused havoc on the west coast for kite and kontiki fishers alike. Sharks are the second most common cause for gear loss on this coast. It is the humble school shark (tope) which is the main culprit.

Read the full article here »»

A Comparison of Kite Types and Rigs

A fishing kite should ideally be large enough to tow the longline out in reasonably light winds as well as strong winds over a range of tide rip conditions.

Read the full article here »»

Choosing The Best Rig

Kitefishing is an extremely productive shore based fishing method that allows land based fishers to regularly catch limit bags of snapper, kahawai, gurnard and trevally or to easily target kingfish and john dory.

Read the full article here »»

Fishing From The Cliff Tops In Hawaii

A land based kite fishing report from Hawaii. Three mahi mahi in a single day from the top of a cliff.

Photos and rig diagram for clifftop fishing with kites

More here»»



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