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Where to Kite Fish This Weekend

It should be another great kitefishing weekend on the east coast.

A westerly tending to southerly wind flow should move over New Zealand over the weekend.

Winds in the South Island look like they will be southwest on Saturday and turn more southerly by Sunday and Monday.

The North Island should enjoy fresh westerlies on Saturday and southwesterlies on Sunday.

If you fish the west coast check out the following weather site, the information is real time, so it's not a forecast, it simply tells you exactly what is happening.

For a more conventional forecast try the metservice link below


(Don't forget to check out the two and three day forecast charts at the bottom of the page and click on refresh on your browser if the date on the map is wrong)

Clifftop Fishing

Geoff Preston of Mokau called into our shop in Onehunga on April 3 and was very pleased to report that his fishing has been going extremely well.

Geoff belongs to a local fishing club in Mokau and currently holds the record there for the heaviest snapper caught.

In fact, Geoff has caught the top nine heaviest snapper caught by club members and all have been taken on his kite powered bottom longline rig.

Below : The view from the ledge. The ledge drops 30 to 40ft vertically down to the sea, surprisingly the bottom straight out in front is clear and Geoff uses a kite powered bottom longline to fish the spot

Photo Below : One of Geoff's favourite possies requires a climb over the cliff to reach the ledge where he does most of his kitefishing from. To take the photo of the ledge Geoff had to hang out from the cliff, hence the thumb over part of the lens.

Photo Below Right : Geoff arrives safely back at the beach with a fantastic catch of huge snapper


Geoff he has more than tripled his catch since changing baits. He now uses large squid, which he cuts into big, long strip baits. Over a two week period Geoff has landed 50 snapper between 10 and 20 lb and has lost two snapper over 30 lb through being unable to haul them up over the ledge where he fishes.

Geoff has changed his traces on his rig to 100 lb game leader line to maximise his chances of landing the larger snapper.

Papamoa area

Bruce McConnochie has been kitefishing for 3 years and fishes the Papamoa area. Bruce reported that the fishing here was very patchy over the Christmas break but good catches of snapper are now being taken from Papamoa and Pukehina, although the fish are smaller in the Pukehina area. Bruce's latest haul using blue mackerel for bait was 2 snapper and 1 shark from 4 hooks set.

Porongahau Fishing Report

Tony Eyles phoned in a report covering the kitefishers who work at the Takapau freezing works.

The guys have been kitefishing from Hawkes Bay right down to Porongahau. The fishing in the whole area has been red hot. At Whirinaki, Clifton, Waipatiki, Porongahau and Hawkes Bay in general he reports snapper and gurnard are being taken one after another with the odd trevally also being landed.

Over Easter weekend at Porongahau there were two 25lb snapper taken, one 23lb snapper and two 15 pounders from Tonys' gear and from the fishermen on either side of him. Flexiwing Rigs, Big Dropper Rigs and Bottom Longline Rigs are all working well in these areas.

Doug Bassett caught 6 gurnard, 1 trevally and 1 kahawai off one 10 hook set with a Flexiwing Rig and wound up with 15 big gurnard for the day. According to Tony, the fishing has been good in the area for a while now and with westerlies predicted again for this weekend, this could be the place to be.

Waipu Cove Fishing Report

During the blustery gales over Easter weekend Lee Johnson fished with his Flexiwing Rig at north of Auckland. Lee set only 5 hooks per set on this day although his rig is capable of setting up to 10 hooks at a time. Lee set his gear out 3 times for a total of 5 massive kahawai (reported to be the length of his arm) and 2 snapper weighing it at 6 lbs and 8 lbs.

Muriwai Beach Fishing Tackle

I have been fishing with one of your longline rigs mainly at for a couple of years now and am thoroughly enjoying the whole concept and have caught heaps of fish.

I am keen to talk to other kite fisher's and try different methods with different rigs in other spots. One thing that you noticed (and photographed) about my rig was that I have modified my rolling weight by adding a plastic cylinder to help the weight roll better. The cylinder I had when you saw it was the body of a 2L soft drink bottle. This has worked very well.

I have since upgraded the cylinder to a piece of 75mm downpipe (100mm will probably work better but I didn't have any in my shed).

The problem I found with the rolling weight was that when using 2 or 4 rollers the weight got bogged down in soft sand.

Above : Steve's innovative modification to the rolling weight to improve the performance in soft sand

By adding this cylinder it offers a larger diameter roller and a full width surface no matter how many rollers are being used, thus making the weight roll easier in softer sand. Attached are a couple of photos of the weight with the new cylinder fitted.

Regards Steve Bailey

Barrie Wickins

Thanks Paul, simply love the site, full of very interesting information. I have been using your target hooks on the Waitemata working Crusoe, (along with about 100 other boats). Three of us caught 8 snapper each, however I was the only one to have all mine lip hooked. I have also been using your target hooks down at White Island and the Mayor. Again excellent lip hook results on trevally and snapper. Keep up the good work.

Regards Barrie Wickens

Weymouth Fishing Report

Sick of all my friends dragging me out to the Waitemata, so I shot out of Weymouth yesterday afternoon (2/4/2) in a south-westerly blow. I went for one of the guts in the middle of the Harbour and shot the boat longline. Conditions being what they were, I pulled it pretty-well straight away to find two 3.5 lb snapper and 3 just legal ones. When the wind drops I'll be back out for more!

Paul Major Weymouth Boating Club

Reports From Trish

The Crusoe Rock area is still producing school snapper for the rod fishermen, particularly the eastern end between Crusoe and Motuihe. The snapper are in good condition, very fat and giving a good fight on light tackle. Baby squid seems to be the most popular bait along with fresh mullet.

It was good to hear over Easter weekend those fishing with Target Hooks had no problems getting their bag limit of legal sized snapper as there are still a few small ones around.

Auckland kitefishers are still catching plenty around the local beaches which are still producing school snapper up to 4lb.

Kitefishers using small dropper rigs such as the Flexiwing Rigs and Pocket Sleds have been doing very well in all the inshore areas from Kaiaua right through the Waiheke channel, in the Waitemata Harbour and off the east coast beaches on the North Shore.

Tiri Tiri Maitangi Island

Went and bought a sliding rig from your shop in Onehunga on Saturday morning. I fished Saturday and Sunday out the back of Tiri, and both times I was the main contributor to the bin, not like previous adventures.

Cheers Scott.

Fishing Buddy Wanted

Hello Paul, Could you please insert the following message in the next kitefishing newsletter:

I am interested in making contact with other kite fishermen in Taranaki with the purpose of arranging a gathering of enthusiasts to share tips, techniques, fishing localities etc, and maybe form a branch of the Kitefishing Club if there is an interest in doing so.

I can be contacted by phoning (06) 7585753 Alistair Morine


Thanks Paul

Regards Alistair Morine


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Buy Online
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Above: Morgan Barnes with a decent sized snapper from a Whangarei longline set that caught 21 good sized fish from 25 hooks set!

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