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50 Lumen One Watt Flounder Gigging Lights

Flounder Spearing just got a whole lot easier!

One Watt LED Underwater Flounder Light.

Forget the heavy battery packs of yesterday and the restrictive and tangle prone leads. Farewell those heavy and dangerous kerosene and white spirit flounder lanterns of old.

This is a clever device with a auto on/off switch, Krypton Bulb LED light head unit all mounted onto a stainless steel tube. Watertight lightweight, and it's so simple to use. Need a more powerful light than this check out our 3 Watt Founder Lights

Flounder Gigging Light Instructions
Flounder Gigging Lights Check out the comprehensive list of features you get in this flounder gigging light.
  • Krypton Bulb LED Lamp Unit. Light output 50-60 lumens and is markedly less power hungry than traditional tungsten or halogen bulb floundering lights.
  • Low Draw LED Bulbs. LEDs last longer and are more reliable than most standard flounder light bulbs. Up to eight hours continuous use from one set of batteries.
  • Smart Function Auto On/Off Switch. Immerse in water and the light is activated, remove from water and it switches off. SIMPLE! No more problems with corroded switches on flounder giging lights.
  • Fully Watertight Seals In Head Unit. Extensively sealed at both ends of wand to ensure minimal likelihood of the seal being compromised.
  • Stainless Steel Wand. Ensures increased corrosion resistance when exposed to prolonged salt water usage.
  • Plastic Head Unit And Handle. Comfortable to hold, watertight and corrosion resistant.
  • Three AA Batteries. Requires only 3 standard AA batteries to operate (not included). Run times for these floundering lights vary, but 5 hours plus is normal.

Note: Remove batteries when not in use as LED lights will draw residual power. Do not over tighten the handle as this will cut or interrupt the battery connection.

Underwater Flounder Lights

Underwater Floundering Lights Switch

Submersible Underwater Flounder Fishing Lights

The ON/OFF Automatic Switch

The two contacts on the back of the submersible underwater flounder fishing light turn it on when in contact with salt water.

for more information about our flounder lights.

LED Krypton Bulbs

Floundering Lights with Krypton One Watt LED bulb

New Krypton Led Bulb

The LED Krypton bulbs use very little battery power. LED bulbs have a much longer life than filament bulbs


Krypton LED Flounder Light

Have you checked out our Pro Series Hi Power LED Flounder Lights?

Click the link below to be taken to our secure shopping cart for online purchase of one light.

One Krypton Led Underwater Flounder Gigging Light (AS PICTURED ABOVE) Price: $ 90.00



Krypton LEDs Buy Flounder Lights And Save

Before you buy, have you checked out our Pro Series Hi Power LED Flounder Lights?

Click the link below to be taken to our secure shopping cart for online purchases of two lights.

Two x Underwater Flounder Gig Lights Price: $ 160.00


Underwater Floundering Lights to Florida and the Southern States

See a catch report and flounder fishing photos from this Florida couple who are amazed with their catches with a LED Flounder light recently purchased from Paul's Fishing Kites.


USA Flounder Light Orders

The favorable exchange rate means the price in US dollars is cheaper than the New Zealand dollar prices quoted above, but shipping is slightly dearer. The easiest way to place your overseas order for flounder lights is click "ADD" on the product above you wish to get a price in USD for. You will then be taken to our secure web site area to enter your shipping and other details.

You can then either write "Quote Me" in the area of the shopping cart that asks for your credit card number or you can fill in all the correct details

No charges are made against your card at this time, it simply allows you to place your order with complete security.

Huge Southern Flounder Gigging Catch From Florida and Southern States

Once your order has been received, Peggy, (yes you will be dealing with a real person), will e-mail you confirming the total price in USD (or your local currency) and provide a quote for shipping directly to you.

Your credit card will not charged until you confirm your order after receiving the full quote from Peggy.

Delivery of your LED underwater fishing light to the United States is generally 4 to 6 working days following dispatch.


Peggy will help with all your
Photo Right: Peggy Barnes of Paul's Fishing Kites handles all US inquiries. Peggy was raised on the East Coast of the States and has served in both the US Air force and Army Reserves until she moved to New Zealand in 1983. Peg has been enjoying fishing here ever since!


Flounder Spearing

The very best time for spearing flounder is on an incoming tide on a calm, dark night when the water is clear.

A lot of people don't know when to go flounder fishing, or how to spear flounder, and are unsuccessful because of this.

Spring and summer months are best but flounder can be taken year round.

Too much rain causes dirty water.

Floundering Lights
A rough sea surface distorts and diffuses the light. Either makes the flounder more difficult to spot, when both are combined it is best to stay home.

Flounder Lights

There is no question that a tilly lamp or other pressure kerosene or white spirit floundering lights, (all of which generate light by a fragile, white hot, silk mantle) throws the best light. However, these flounder lanterns are heavy, a fire hazard and cause deep burns if the shade, frame or glass are touched while the light in burning as they get extremely hot. Tilly lamps also cause reflections in the water if wavelets or ripples are present.

Whether you buy the budget flounder light above or one of our Pro Series Hi Power LED Flounder Lights you will find LED underwater flounder gig lights are safe, lightweight, and because the light is emitted under the surface the beam is less affected by surface ripples.

Flounder Gigging Spear

In addition to a lamp or underwater light you will need a flounder gig or spear. Multi pronged gigs with up to five barbed prongs are not recommended in New Zealand as they damage the fish and tear the flesh when pulled out.

A single prong flounder spear with no barb or a very small barb is much more practical for the smaller New Zealand species.

Pin the flatfish to the seabed with the gig, then reach under the flat-fish and hold in onto the gig from underneath the belly.

Flounder gig tips should be kept sharp and enclosed with cork or plastic tube for safety when not in use.

An aluminum flounder gig is lightest but can corrode. Paul's fishing kites has flounder gigs for sale, theirs have a stainless steel point mounted on a hardwood shaft.

Multi prong flounder gigs are often necessary for larger flounder like those found in the South of the USA particularly when gigging from boats.

Flounder Spear

Hardwood shaft tipped with a stainless steel prong. Note: Flounder Spears and gigs are not available for shipment outside of New Zealand due to their length.


Other Flounder Gigging Equipment

A catch bag or satchel with a shoulder strap is ideal for carrying the catch and refreshments in.

Complete flounder gigging setups include good waterproof shoes, neopreme divers boots or sailing shoes are best. Floundering in bare feet is likely to result in cuts if pacific oyster shells are in the area. Wearing a cap light or head lamp is also a good idea, it will serve as a back up light source - and is useful for seeing further afield than the range of the underwater flounder light.


Stingrays pose little threat when flounder gigging although sometimes they will take an interest for a while and follow you.

If wading through cloudy water, or if your gigging light goes out, shuffle your feet close to the bottom, if you accidentally walk into one it will usually just swim away.


U.S. Info

Yes we do ship our LED Underwater Flounder Gigging Lights to the United States and around the world.

for more information about our flounder lights.

More Flounder Info


We are here to help. If you need assistance please contact us below or search our websites.
Buy Online
Buy Online
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Above: Morgan Barnes with a decent sized snapper from a Whangarei longline set that caught 21 good sized fish from 25 hooks set!

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