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Slip knot - how to tie a Uni Knot

This saltwater fishing knot is very similar to a conventional uni knot but it has the advantage that it can be pulled up around an expanded hand to form a stable slip knot.

If the coils are pulled up tight it is also one of the better fishing lure knots which allows the lure to move freely on the loop,(tying pictures for these slip knots are below).

This knot is a hardwearing leader knot and is one of the best fishing knots for swivels.

It is also perfect for fishing line to reel knots and for fishing lure knots.

As it is a slip knot it is one of the few fishing knots jigs can move freely on if the noose is not overly tightened.

This knot can be tied as a double uni knot or a uni to uni knot the same as a conventional uniknot. Diagrams and video on how to tie a slip knot are below.

Allow yourself plenty of line in the first loop and start as you would for a four turn clinch knot. (see slip knot pictures below)

I have made the long tail (tag end) red so you can follow the next step. Put the tag end back through the front of the loop and do another four turns up the inside of the loop following the lay of the original four twists.

To tighten as a noose put your fingers in the loop the swivel is shown on, and pull the knot up slowly.

If any of the loops jump ot of place give the tag end a light pull.

Rotating the hand you are using to hold the loop open while setting the knot will make it set much more eaisily.

The hangmans knot can then be cats pawed to a clip or swivel and the noose tightened

See the finished catspaw uni knot here.

Paul's Fishing Kites uses this knot extensively for those critical joins in kite fishing rigs that have to be both strong and hardwearing. It is also one of the better surf fishing knots.

Up to seven turns can be used but make sure to put the same number of turns in both sets of twists or the knot will not pull up correctly.

Knot Illustration-Hangmans Uni Knot a slip knot how to tie

slip knot


Slip knot pictures - How to tie a Hangmans Uni Knot

NOTE:When tying this knot as a double uni fishing knot pull the coils up first before letting them run together

Knot tying tutorial-how to tie fishing line knots

More Fishing Knots

fishing knots, catspaw, platted loop, new uni knot, snelling, crimp join, braid loop, tying traces, uni knot, blood knot, clinch knot

Looking for a reliable Spectra Fishing Knot.

This one is simple to tie and stronger. Spectra Knot HERE



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Buy Online
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