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Cleaning Fish - How To Skin A Fish Fillet
After you fillet a fish the next step is skinning the filet.

Our guys prefer to use a Victorinox skinning knife. It is longer, and more pointed, than the one he used to filet the fish.

Many fishers have trouble removing fish skins in one peice. This is because any changes to the angle of the knife can perforate the skin.

The technique shown is to hold the knife still and move the fillet over the blade.

This results in much more control over the angle of the knife and much less chance of cutting through the fish skin or messing up the fillet. First lay the fillet skin side down and carefully cut between the fillet and fish skin while holding the knife at a shallow angle.

This is the only cut where the knife is moved back and forth.

Cleaning Fish Tips : When filleting or skinning fish keep the skinning knife clean and wet, this lubricates the blade and gives a much cleaner cut, more control of the knife and far less drag on the sides of the blade.

Fish Skin Pic

Stop when you have an inch or two (25 to 50mm) of fillet released.

Fish Skins Photo

Change your grip on the fillet to a secure grip on the tab of fish skin you created with the first cut

How to Skin A Fish Photo

Firmly hold the knife still and at a fixed angle.

Skinning Knife Photo

Wriggle the skin from side to side while pulling backwards on the tab of fish skin

Skinning Fish Fillet Pic

Continue this motion through the fillet. You can see that even though the skin in the left hand is creased under the tension it has no effect where the filet knife is separating the fish skin from the flesh.

Fish Fillet Skinned Photo

Success! The fillet and skin are parted and no flesh has been wasted, nor have we left any skin or scales on the filet. If you scroll up you will note the knife has not moved over the last four fish skinning pictures. Next: De Boning

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Buy Online
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