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Newsletter Archive - click report heading to view

If you are going fishing don't forget to take your camera and send us some photos and a catch report.

The quality of our fishing reports depend on readers like you to sending in fishing reports, thankfully we have many fishers who take the time to do just that.

Digital cameras make it so easy to catch the moment on the beach when the fish has just been caught.

For the best photos wash any blood or sand off the fish and take several shots with different poses.

The surf in the background is always best.

If the lighting is wrong for that, choose a part of the beach with an uncluttered background.

The team at Paul's Fishing kites hope you enjoy the newsletters and look forward to recieving your fishing reports.

If you want to be notified when a new newsletter is put on site simply subscribe at the bottom of any page, You can unsubscribe anytime and we guarantee you will never receive any spam through our services.


24 Sep 13
ShoreThing Catches, Boat Longlining and Kite Fishing Muriwai - Great Photos
4 Apr 13
ShoreThing Fishing Reports, Great Pics, Big Snapper and Fishing Articles
15 Dec 12
Christmas Hours, New Products and Catch Photos
5 Oct 12
Kite and Kontiki Reports from East and West Coasts
8 Jul 12
ShoreThing Kontiki Fishing System Demo Bay of Plenty
4 May 11
Reports From Uretiti, Muriwai Bait Test, Cornwallis, Florida Flounder Gigging
6 Feb 11
Fishing Muriwai, Kayak Longling, White Pointer Shark Alert, Flounder Report
25 Nov 10
Snapper and Flounder Videos Online, PFK Team Wins Kite Fishing Contest
12 Nov 10
Paul's Fishing Kites Team Fishes Muriwai Beach - Great Photos of Big Fish
4 Nov 10
Snapper Schooling Season Red Hot Fishing - Big Kingfish - Top photos
11 May 10
Catching Prawns, Big Catches at Muriwai - Tons of Great Photos
6 Dec 09
Mokau Monsters, Kitefishing Contest Results and more!
14 Oct 09
Big Snapper Reports and Kite Fishing Over Reef and Weed Article
16 Sept 09
Flounder fishing Video, Checking Out the Spots With Night and Day Pics
12 Aug 09
Great and Snapper and Kingfish Photos and Reports plus Tons of Fishing Tips
20 Jun 09
Stunning Video and Catch reports from Mokau
23 May 09
Catches and Top Winter Fishing Spots, Huge Kitefishing - Sale on Now
22 Dec 08
Fishing Reports from around New Zealand
1 Sep 08
Clearance Sale On Top Of The Line Fishing Reels
25 Jun 08
Paul at Muriwai - Great White Shark at Bayly's Beach
10 May 08
Kite Fishers Struck By Tornado
20 Oct 07
Two Fantastic Fishing Reports From Two Demos - Tons of Great Photos
1 Sep 07
A Mokau Kitefishing Safari _ Pictures of a huge snapper
15 Sep 07
Free Kite Demo, Catches from Ireland, Fishing Lure Blowout Sale
6 Aug 07
Stingray Attack Photos, Big Snapper, Spectra Blowout Sale
28 May 07
Whatipu Map Guided Fishing Trips and Catch Reports - Stunning Photos
14 Aug 06
20 New articles and information pages online
28 July 06
More Great Fishing From Mokau Geoff Thomas Goes Longling
4 July 06
Top report from Mokau, great photos. Folding Cart Sale still on
20 June 06
Beach Carts Sale - Fishing Reports-Top pics
1 Jun 06
Huge Bass and Kingfish-Fire at Sea Fishing Reports-Top pics
18 May 06
New Articles on-line - Go Fishing Alert -Snag Report
26 Apr 06
West Coast Reports with great tips for kite flying - top pics
30 Mar 06
Great Fishing Reports With Good Pictures of Fish
10 Mar 06
Great White Shark Autopsy - Pakiri Fishing Map
3 Mar 06
Mark Kitteridge an Adventure with Spectra - Top Photos***
24 Feb 06
Kite Aerial Photography with Fishing Kites - Stunning Pic
17 Feb 06
28 Pound Snapper caught on a Kite at 90 Mile Beach
10 Feb 06
Spotlight on Fishing at Port Waikato
3 Feb 06
Kite and Longline Fishing Reports From Around New Zealand
27 Jan 06
Big snapper at Muriwai - Experts Beat the Rip - More Easterlies Predicted
20 Jan 06
Fishing Alert - A Week of Easterlies Predicted
24 Nov 05
Part 1 : Fishing Catches From Around New Zealand
24 Nov 05
Part 2 : Awesome Fishing Action Photos - Nerves of Steel required
17 Oct 05
Giant West Coast Snapper Map and Best Baits Article
17 Aug 05
Sailfish, tuna, snapper on kites. Bass and kingfish from the Kings
18 Jul 05
Snapper Flounder and Mullet Bag Limits Under Review
21 May 05
Okuma Sale and kite reports with fantastic fish photos
9 Mar 05
New Zealand saltwater reports and flying tips for flexiwing kites
31 Jan 05
Incredible fishing reports from the west coast
15 Jan 05
Shark attacks Kayak fisherman and Kontiki Found, is it Yours?
18 Dec 04
Great catch reports and an important message
2 Dec 04
Aircraft Hits Kite and Big Snapper Catches
10 Nov 04
Photo results and great fishing reports
21 Oct 04
Huge West Coast Snapper
2 Aug 04
Yellowfin Tuna Caught on PFK Spectra
18 Jun 04
Kaitia Demo Report - Roller Up-Riggers
3 Jun 04
Giant West Coast Snapper with great photos
12 May 04
Fishing Reports from Around New Zealand
21 Apr 04
Giant White Pointer and Manta Ray
21 Mar 04
THREE HAPUKU on one set of a kite from the shore!!
27 Feb 04
East Coast Fishing Reports
20 Feb 04
Fantastic catch photos and reports
23 Jan 04
Holiday Reports
17 Dec 03
Kite versus surf ski
12 Dec 03
Whatawhiwhi results and photos
4 Dec 03
Kites, kontikis and submarines
28 Nov 03
Fantastic catch photos
19 Nov 03
Demo photos 18 fish caught
14 Nov 03
East coast snapper running hot for Demo
6 Nov 03
Reports from around the country
23 Oct 03
Mega Air 3 Demo Report
16 Oct 03
Big Snapper at Orewa
10 Oct 03
Beach Demo Report
2 Oct 03
Beach Demo this Sunday
18 Sep 03
Inflatable Kites and Beach Carts
28 Aug 03
Four 20lb Snapper caught at Muriwai
15 Aug 03
Giant Snapper Pictures
8 Aug 03
New Site Map, west coast the place to be
1 Aug 03
West Coast Snapper up to 12kg
25 Jul 03
Where to fish this weekend
18 Jul 03
Kitefishers Really Clean Up at Muriwai
11 Jul 03
21lb Snapper pic and Fishing Reports
4 Jul 03
Snapper, Sharks and Gurnard
27 Jun 03
Kitefishing Club News
20 Jun 03
21pound Snapper at 90 mile beach
12 Jun 03
20lb Manukau Snapper
5 Jun 03
Porangahau Area Report
30 May 03
Bodo catches 30kg of Snapper
22 May 03
Huge West Coast Snapper
16 May 03
Marlin off Ahipara
9 May 03
20lb Snapper at Muriwai
1 May 03
Robbie Cullen at Uretiti Beach
24 Apr 03
Aviation Incident Report
17 Apr 03
Whopper Kingfish Caught at Baylys
11 Apr 03
Muriwai-8 snapper on 10 Hooks
2 Apr 03
26 Mar 03
Muriwai Beach Reports
20 Mar 03
Orewa Fires Up
13 Mar 03
Big Snapper from Wellington
6 Mar 03
More 20lb Snapper
27 Feb 03
East Coast Fires Again
20 Feb 03
Big Kingfish in Hawkes Bay
7 Feb 03
Good Snapper in Close
31 Jan 03
Last Chance at Porangahau
23 Jan 03
Huge Snapper On The East Coast
16 Jan 03
Holiday Catches, New Snag Report
20 Dec 02
Snapper and Gurnard on Menu
13 Dec 02
100% Strike Rate at Porangahau
5 Dec 02
Big Snapper and Kingfish Catches
28 Nov 02
Good Snapper on the West Coast
20 Nov 02
Target Hooks Catching Fish
14 Nov 02
Fishing for Big Snapper
7 Nov 02
East Coast Spring Catches
31 Oct 02
Snapper and Gurnard Contest is On
24 Oct 02
Schooling Snapper Arrive
17 Oct 02
Pukehina holiday surprise
10 Oct 02
Protect your kite, safety advice
4 Oct 02
Bay of Plenty lives up to it's name
26 Sep 02
More Snapper From Mokau
19 Sep 02
Mystery Solved
14 Sep 02
Great Snapper On The East Coast
5 Sep 02
Kite Club Demo This Weekend
28 Aug 02
Huge Mokau Snapper
23 Aug 02
Snapper at Rarawa Beach
15 Aug 02
Stunning pics from 90 Mile Beach
8 Aug 02
Nine Snapper on 10 Hooks at Muriwai!
2 Aug 02
Snapper at Orewa
26 Jul 02
Kitefishing Maps Online
18 Jul 02
Setting dropper rigs in difficult areas
11 Jul 02
Looks Good for the West Coast
04 Jul 02
Kahawai on the Menu
27 Jun 02
Big Gurnard in at Porangahau
20 Jun 02
Robbie Cullen Salting Bait
14 Jun 02
East Coast Reports
7 Jun 02
Huge Snapper at Te Arai Point
30 May 02
Boatshow Specials
24 May 02
Easterly Bring Good Fishing
17 May 02
Snag and Weed Watch
10 May 02
Catching fish in gale force winds
3 May 02
10 kg Snapper at Kariotahi
25 Apr 02
West Coast Kitefishers Catch Heaps
19 Apr 02
Two New Light Wind Articles
11 Apr 02
Big Snapper at Porangahau Beach
05 Apr 02
Clifftop Fishing for Huge Snapper
28 Mar 02
Looking Good for the East Coast
21 Mar 02
Where to Fish in Northwesters
14 Mar 02
Reports from Muriwai Beach
08 Mar 02
West Coast a Great Weekend Ahead
01 Mar 02
Marlin in Close on the West Coast
22 Feb 02
Around the Traps Fishing Reports

Please Keep the Reports Coming In

If you have been out fishing please send your catch reports in so we can keep the newsletters interesting.

If you are going fishing, remember to take a camera.

Photos taken at sea or on the beach are so much better than a pic snapped in the kitchen or backyard.

If you get that catch of a lifetime the Fishing Magazines are far more likely to publish photos taken at the fishing spot while the fish is lit up. This even applies to fish like snapper, gurnard trevally and other inshore species. If there is any blood or gore on the fish, wash it off as it will spoil the photo.


We are here to help. If you need assistance please contact us below or search our websites.
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Buy Online
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Above: Morgan Barnes with a decent sized snapper from a Whangarei longline set that caught 21 good sized fish from 25 hooks set!

We are here to help.

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